What is my Zone?

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is a legal document called an Environmental Planning Instrument.

It provides the rules and guidelines which control the use of private and public land through zoning. It aims to reduce possible conflict between adjoining land uses and aims to ensure there is adequate land to meet the diverse needs of our region.

Upper Lachlan Shire Council has one LEP, being the Upper Lachlan Shire Council Local Environmental Plan 2010.

Zoning information can not be provided over the phone.

To ensure the integrity of Council’s advice is maintained, all zoning requests must be made in writing. Alternatively a S149 Planning Certificate may be obtained, or the zone maps downloaded.
You can find out how land is zoned by viewing the maps of the Local Environmental Plans.

How to read a Land Use Table

Item 1 of the Land Use Table lists the 'Objectives of zone'. These objectives are guiding statements which Council must have regard to when making decisions about development with each particular zone.

Item 2 identifies development that is 'Permitted without consent'. This is development that may be conducted without lodging an appliacation to Council or getting approval. Every LEP will contain a Dictionary or Definitions section that will contain the landuse definitions relevant to that particular LEP. It is important to check the Dictionary or Definitions section of the LEP you are reading because there is often some degree of variation between Instruments and definitions. 

Item 3 lists all the development that is 'Permitted with consent' which may only be carried out once you have had a Development Application approved by Council.

Item 4 lists all the development that is 'Prohibted' within the particular zone. Development is usually prohibted in a particular zone because it is either unsuitable or undesirable within that zone. Council does not have the ability to approve Prohibited development.   

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