Water Carter Application Form - Section 68

Application form:  Water Carter Application Form - Section 68


Upper Lachlan Shire Council supplies drinking water to the townships of Crookwell, Gunning & Taralga via reticulated water mains, but many rural properties lie outside this area of supply and rely on alternative means of capturing and storing water.

Private water carting companies draw potable water from two fixed standpipes and deliver it for drinking water for residential or commercial properties.

Council regulates access to these standpipes in order to protect the security of town water supply, and also protect the health of end users of the water supplied by water carters. It does this under the Local Government Act, 1993, the Public Health Act, 2010 and the Food Act, 2003, and their associated regulations.

Water caters that provide drinking water are required to develop a Quality Assurance Program that complies with the Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012. Carters are also required to keep detailed records such as where the water was supplied from, the person receiving the water, quantity of water and the date of supply.

Further Information

  • More information is available on the NSW Health website.
  • NSW Health have developed the NSW Guidelines for Water Carters to assist water carters provide safe drinking water.
  • There is a template available from NSW Health that a water carting business may use to develop a Drinking Water Carter Quality Assurance Program.