Waste Transfer Station Environmental Compliance Upgrades

Project Update

  • Gunning, Collector, Bigga and Tuena converted to waste transfer stations, landfill areas closed off and bins in place.
  • New recycle collection systems added to Bigga and Tuena.
  • Site clean-ups at Bigga, Tuena, Collector, Gunning and Taralga.
  • New fencing installed at Gunning and Tuena.
  • New fencing scheduled for Taralga and Collector in September 2018.
  • New site rules for respective sites, media releases completed for Gunning and Taralga.


  • Environmental improvements to waste transfer stations to bring into compliance with EPA requirements.
  • Waste Transfer Stations include, Gunning, Taralga, Collector, Bigga and Tuena.
  • Works include closure and capping of former landfill areas, bin systems for waste transfer, new fencing to secure sites, reducing wind-blown litter and illegal dumping.


  • 2018/19 Financial Year


  • $423,000