Streetscape Project


  • Council finalised the numbers and locations of bin enclosures, seats and notice boards in 12 towns and villages
  • Council is finalising detailed engineering design documentation in regards to bin enclosure, seats and notice board installation
  • Council will procure and install bin enclosures, seats and notice boards once design is finalised


  • Streetscape design for 12 villages (Bigga, Binda, Breadlbane, Collector, Crookwell, Dalton, Grabben Gullen, Gunning, Jerrawa, Laggan, Taralga, Tuena) of the council
  • Concept, preliminary and detailed design for the streetscape of the 12 villages
  • Prioritisation of preliminary design to select the detailed design works
  • Cost and schedule for the preliminary and detailed design



  • Budget for design and construction is $450,000