Dwelling Entitlement

When buying a property, especially a vacant site, a very important question is 'can I build a dwelling-house on the land?' You may have seen or heard this referred to as a dwelling entitlement. A dwelling entitlement refers to the ability of Council to approve a dwelling on a certain property and it is important to understand that not all allotments attract dwelling entitlement.

Dwelling entitlements are dependent upon the land use zoning, the area of the lot or date of subdivision approval. Council cannot provide dwelling entitlement advice verbally but will be provided in writing following the receipt of a completed application form and applicable fees.

Dwelling entitlement advice does not constitute development approval. Development consent must still be obtained for the erection of a dwelling house in accordance with the applicable legislation. 

It is noted that the planning regulations that control the erection of dwellings do change over time and it is important that you ensure you have the most up to date advice available.

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