Rural Addressing

What is classified as rural address?

Rural addresses are issued for properties that are located outside of the Crookwell Township and Shire Villages. Rural addresses are normally issued for properties in rural or agricultural areas, however some properties on the outskirts of urban areas may also require a rural address. 

How can I get an urban address?

Upper Lachlan Shire Council has already allocated rural addresses to many areas of the Shire. Contact Council’s Environmental Services on (02)4830 1000 to clarify if your property has already been issued with a rural address. Alternatively, email your request to

If a rural address has not already been allocated for your property, then it will be necessary for you to apply to Council to have one allocated. You will need to fill an application form and pay the required fee. The fee covers the cost of Council physically driving to your property, measuring the distance from the starting point to your property gateway and allocating the rural address number. You will receive a rural addressing plate containing reflective numbers that is suitable to be erected at your property gateway.