Owner Builder Permits

Any residential building work in excess of $12,000 is required to have Home Owners' Warranty Insurance. Licensed builders must provide home owners warranty insurance up front prior to release and issue of a construction certificate or complying development certificate.

Owner builders are required to obtain Home Owners' Warranty Insurance if they sell the property within a period of 6 yrs from the completion of work and issue of occupation certificate.

Any residential work exceeding $5,000 requires an owner builder permit however, owner builders are not required to undertake an approved owner builder course until the cost of works exceeds $12,000.

Such courses approved by the Director General of the Department of Fair Trading will be offered certain TAFE's and Private providers eg South East Community College along with the Sydney Building Information Centre (SBIC). These courses are designed to provide owner builders with information relating to the Home Building Act, insurance, taxation, building approval and other building related matters.

The courses involve 8 hours face to face teaching or equivalent distance education. The SBIC course takes around 13 hours. Persons enquiring about the courses should contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading.

Contact Details

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