Work being undertaken from Crookwell to Abercrombie River

Information provided by Transport for NSW
Local road users and residents are advised of work being undertaken by Transport for NSW from the Abercrombie River to Crookwell starting on 21st January until 31st March, weather permitting.
These works are a Transport for NSW Road Safety Initiative to improve road safety on Country Roads Improvement activities will include..
  • Audio Tactile thermoplastic Linemarking of the centre line and both edge lines. ( Vibra line or Rumble strip as its commonly known)
  • Raised pavement markers to be installed on the full length of the road centreline and edge lines.
  • New sections of Guardrail and end terminals at designated areas.
  • Shoulder widening, and bitumen sealing at designated locations.
  • Static Lane closures with reduced speed limits to 40 kmph will be in place to assist both workers and driver safety each shift
  • Mobile traffic control using vehicle mounted message boards will also be in use for the Linemarking procedures.
Road safety is for everyone so please be patient  when encountering roadworks and reduce speed.