Update: Council’s Streetscape Improvement Project

Upper Lachlan Shire Council’s Streetscape Improvement Project is progressing, with the next phase of the project now underway.

Council’s General Manager John Bell said tenders are being sought via Local Government Procurement for the development of concept plans for each of the Shire’s towns and villages.

“These concept plans will be informed by the ULSC Streetscape Themes Guide, which was developed by Fresh Landscape Design following consultation with residents and stakeholders via community meetings, a community survey and the Our Towns – Schools’ Ideas Competition,” Mr Bell said.

“The concept plans will also consider feedback on the Themes Guide, which was sought from the community last month.

“Once complete, the concept plans will provide an overview of how the new streetscape themes will be implemented across the Shire.

“The aim of the Project is to beautify the Shire in a consistent, cohesive way, while allowing the towns and villages to retain their own unique charm.”  

For further information about the Streetscape Improvement Project, please contact Council’s Director of Works and Operations Mursaleen Shah on 4830 1000.