Briefs from 20 May 2021 Council Meeting



An apology and leave of absence for the meeting was received from Councillor Wheelwright.

Mayoral Minute

Council received and noted the activities attended by the Mayor in the period since the last monthly Ordinary Meeting of Council.

Naming of Kangaroo Creek Bridge

Council resolved to place on Public Exhibition the proposed name of “Trevor Picker Bridge” for the Kangaroo Creek Bridge, Bigga Road.

Information only reports

Council received and noted the following reports:

  • Development Statistics for the months of March and April 2021
  • Monthly Weeds Activity Report
  • 2020/2021 Swimming Pool Season
  • Investments for the Month of April 2021
  • Bank Balance and Reconciliation – April 2021
  • Rates and Charges Outstanding for the Month of April 2021
  • Library Services 3rd Quarter Report 2020/2021
  • Grants Report
  • Action Summary – Council Decisions

Naming of the Crookwell Gym at the Memorial Oval

Following the requisite 28 days notice for Public Expressions of Interest, Council resolved to name the gym at Crookwell Memorial Oval the “Robert Bruce Belford Gymnasium.”

Quarterly Budget Review Statement – 3rd Quarter 2020/2021

Council adopted the 3rd Quarter Budget Review Statement for 2020/2021 including revotes of income and expenditure to the Operational Plan and endorsed the Operational Plan Performance Summary Report.

Customer Service Charter

Council endorsed the Customer Service Charter to be made available at Council offices.

Smoking in the Workplace Policy Review

Council adopted the reviewed Smoking in the Workplace Policy

Dissolution of several Section 355 Committees

Council resolved to dissolve the following Council Section 355 Committees effective from 30 June 2021:

  • Youth Council (YA’MAD)
  • Pool Review Committee
  • Streetscape Committee
  • Upper Lachlan Tourist Association
  • Economic Development Task Force Committee
  • Building Review Committee
  • Tony Foley Memorial Community Centre
  • Community Technology Centre (CTC) Committee [Bigga and Tuena]
  • Taralga War Memorial Hall Committee
  • Gunning Golf Club Management Committee

NSW Planning Portal

Council noted the requirement that planning applications and post content certificates be submitted via the NSW State Government Planning Portal. Council resolved to publicly exhibit fees and charges associated with submitting an application via the planning portal for a period of 28 days and will submit a further report for consideration after the completion of that exhibition period.

Reports from Committees for April/May

  • Crookwell Potato Festival – Meeting Minutes 2 March 2021
  • Crookwell Potato Festival – Meeting Minutes – 22 March 2021
  • Gunning Shire Hall & Showground Advisory Committee – Minutes of Annual General Meeting held 2 November 2020
    • Council resolved to write to Gunning Shire Hall & Advisory Committee accepting elected office bearers for 2020-2021: Chairperson Kelly Dowling; Deputy Chairperson Kathy Johnson & Secretary Michael Coley.

Stormwater Rectification Works – Crookwell and Gunning

Council resolved to carry out stormwater rectification works at North St, Crookwell, Biala St, Gunning and Warrataw St, Gunning as early as possible in the 2021/2022 financial year, subject to funding being made available in the 2021/2022 Operational Plan.

Tender Awardment – Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) Strategy

Council resolved to engage NSW Public Works Advisory to undertake the IWCM Strategy for Upper Lachlan Shire Council at their Tender Price.

The Meeting closed at 10:41 AM. Next meeting to be held on 17 June, 2021.