Briefs from 15 July 2021 Council Meeting



There were no apologies.

Mayoral Minute

Council received and noted the activities attended by the Mayor in the period since the last Monthly Ordinary Meeting of Council. Additionally, the Mayor suggested that Councillor McCormack and Councillor Wheelwright be considered for nomination as part of the Local Government NSW Awards for Meritorious Service.

Naming of the Kangaroo Creek Bridge

Council resolved to name the bridge The Trevor Picker Bridge.

Naming of the Crookwell Memorial Oval Building

Council resolved to name the building the Emily Chalker Sports Venue.

Vegetation Management and Tree Removal Amendments

Council will advertise the proposed amendments to section 4.2.1 of the Upper Lachlan Development Control Plan 2010 for a minimum of 28 days in line with the Community Participation Plan.

Road opening and closing – Lerida Road South

Council endorsed the opening and closing of sections of Lerida Road South as shown on maps included in the Business Papers. Council approved the sale and purchase of affected remnant land.

Works in progress – Construction & Maintenance

Director of Infrastructure, Glenn Lacey submitted a detailed report of Councils current Construction and Maintenance Works in Progress (listed in the Business Paper).

Delivery Program Bi-annual Review 2020/2021

Council adopted the Delivery Program Review and the Fit for the Future Action Plan Review for the six month period ended 30 June 2021.

Accounts Receivable Bad Debts Write-Off

Council approved the bad debt write-off for unrecoverable miscellaneous accounts receivable aged debtor in the name of NSW Rural Fire Service totalling $16,631.40.

Business Continuity Plan

Council adopted its new Business Continuity Plan.

Construction of a Shed at Taralga Water Filtration Plant

Council has engaged a contractor to complete the concrete slab and erect the previously purchased shed, at an estimated cost of $65,000.00 to be drawn from Water Reserves to complete the erection of the Industrial Shed at Taralga Water Filtration Plant.

Adopted policies

Council adopted the following revised policies:

  • Tourism Event Funding Policy
  • Public Art Policy
  • Internal Audit and Risk Management Policy
  • Bribes, Gifts and Benefits Policy
  • Procurement Policy

Tourism Event Funding Round – 2021/22

Council granted $500 to the Crookwell Garden Festival in accordance with the Tourism Event Funding Policy. Council will conduct a second grant funding round in late 2021.

Cultural Activity Funding Round – 2021/22

Council granted $500 to the Taralga and District Progress Association and $1,000 to the Bigga Progress Association in accordance with the Council Cultural Activity Funding Program. Council will conduct a second grant funding round in late 2021.

Multipurpose Aquatic and Activity Centre

Council resolved to hold an extraordinary meeting with Councillors before 4 August 2021 to determine the use of Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program (LCRI) grant funding and the alternative funding through borrowings for stage 2 of the Multipurpose Aquatic and Activity Centre.

Reports to Council from Committees for June/July

Council received reports from the following committees.

  • Gunning Shire Hall & Showground Advisory Committee (Minutes – 7 June 2021)
  • Biala Community Windfarm Fund S355 Committee (Minutes – 24 June 2021)
  • Gullen Range Community Windfarm Fund 2355 Committee (Minutes – 24 June 2021)
  • Taralga Community Windfarm Fund S355 Committee (Minutes – 24 June 2021)

Taralga Dam

Council resolved to continue to work with Department of Planning, Infrastructure & Environment Water to secure a site and funding for the Taralga Water Supply Storage Dam.

The Meeting closed at 10:34 AM. Next meeting to be held on 19 August, 2021.