Illegal Buildings - "Weekender"

Converting a shed to a dwelling - “I want to build a ‘Weekender’”

In Planning and Building terms there is no such thing as a ‘weekender’. A building that is fitted out as a dwelling is a dwelling whether you stay there one night a year or every night.

Development Consent is required for any dwelling, including converting your farm shed to a dwelling, even if it is only for weekend use.

Before converting your shed to a dwelling you need to be sure that your allotment has dwelling permissibility. If your allotment does not have dwelling permissibility then you will not gain approval for the conversion.

If your allotment has dwelling permissibility you will need to apply for development consent for a new dwelling or converting your shed to a dwelling.

Typically the following documents will be required to accompany an application for a new dwelling or shed conversion:

  • DA, CC, CDC Application form;

  • Statement of Environmental Effects;

  • Plans (site plan, floor plan, elevations and sections);

  • Building specifications;

  • BASIX Certificate;

  • Section 68 Application for Approval to Install a Sewage Management System accompanied by a Onsite Wastewater Management Report (prepared by a suitably qualified geotechnical engineer or wastewater consultant);

  • Structural Engineers report on the conversion of a shed to a dwelling (where a shed is proposed to be used as the structure for a dwelling engineer certification that the structure is suitable for use as a class 1a building is required);

  • Bushfire report (where the allotment is considered bushfire prone).

    Conversion of a shed to a dwelling or ‘weekender’ without Development Consent is illegal. Such illegal development may result in Council taking legal action against those responsible. Action may include the issuance of formal Orders requiring the removal of unauthorised developments and fines.

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