PUBLIC EXHIBITION: Draft Liquid Trade Waste Policy

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With reference to Resolution 73/23 of the Ordinary Meeting of Council of 18 May 2023, the Draft Liquid Trade Waste Policy will be placed on display for 28 days, from 23 May 2023 to 19 June 2023.

This policy sets out how Upper Lachlan Shire Council will regulate liquid trade waste discharges to its sewerage system in accordance with the NSW Framework for Regulation of Liquid Trade Waste (Appendix F).

Sewerage systems are generally designed to cater for liquid waste from domestic sources that are essentially of predictable strength and quality.

Council may accept liquid trade waste into its sewerage system as a service to businesses and industry.

Liquid trade wastes may exert much greater demands on sewerage systems than domestic sewage and, if uncontrolled, can pose serious problems to public health, worker safety, Council’s sewerage system and the environment.

This Policy is consistent with the Liquid Trade Waste Management Guidelines 2021 developed by the Water Utilities branch of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment: Liquid Trade Waste Management Guidelines

Feedback and submissions may be made by email to or by mail to PO Box 42, Gunning NSW 2581.

Alex Waldron
Acting General Manager
PO Box 42

A link to the Draft Liquid Trade Waste Policy can be found here.

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