Underground Petroleum Storage System (UPSS)

Underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS), or fuel tanks, are commonly found at service stations, but they can also be found where fuel is regularly used. This can include workshops, depots, vehicle dealerships, government facilities and rural properties. 

UPSS have the potential to leak fuel which can contaminate the surrounding land and aquifers. This creates a significant risk to human and environmental health and may also result in expensive, time consuming remediation works. Operators of an UPSS must have systems in place to prevent, report and fix leaks as they occur.

The person responsible is required to have correct procedures and systems in place to detect and manage any leaks as soon as possible. All procedures and systems in place must be documented in the Fuel System Operation Plan for the premises.

The person responsible for the UPSS has a legal duty to notify pollution incidents to Council immediately and provide a completed UPSS Leak Notification Form to Council within seven days of the initial notification.

There has been recent changes to regulations for UPSS and Upper Lachlan Shire Council is now the regulatory authority for systems in our local region.

<Link to self assessment form>

<Link to leak notification form>