Where are we located?

Make the Move!

Moving to the Upper Lachlan Shire for work and work opportunities on the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales

While there are opportunities to work for an employer in Upper Lachlan Shire, there are even more opportunities to start up a new business and run that yourself.

The benefits are there - you take control of your own life, engage in work that suits you, and the rewards are often as good as the effort you put into the venture.

If you choose to relocate your existing business from another area, you will already have the expertise to carry on with the work you know, but many others have moved to Upper Lachlan Shire and started a new and successful business from scratch.

You will have a lot of support with either starting a new business or relocating your business here.

Contact Upper Lachlan Shire Council--Environment & Planning Department Ph: 4830 1000.


Map of the Upper Lachlan Shire District