Demographics of Upper Lachlan Shire

1991 to 2011 Census data broken into 4 districts within the Shire


1991 to 2016 Census data broken into 4 districts within the Shire.



Spatial breakdown and mapping across the Shire.     

Key socio-demographic characteristics of the Upper Lachlan Shire, presented as interactive maps.




Population and household forecasts for Upper Lachlan Shire, showing how the population will change in the future.



Characteristics of economy and workforce, and impact modelling tool.


Characteristics of economy and workforce, and impact modelling tool.



In the August 2011 Census, 7,193 residents were counted in Upper Lachlan Shire - 3,589 females and 3,604 males. The counted population had increased by 139 or 2.0% since the 2006 Census.

93% were at home for Census
Of the residents, 6,719 (93.4%) were at home on Census night, while 22 were staying elsewhere within the same locality and 453 were staying somewhere else in Australia.

There were 242 visitors

There were 242 visitors from elsewhere in Australia staying in Upper Lachlan Shire on Census night; these people are not included in this profile.

There were 1.2 males per female

Of the residents away from the local area on Census night, there were 1.21 males per female. This is consistent with the general pattern that more men are away from home than women, usually due to more work trips.

93% were Australian citizens

A high 93% of Upper Lachlan Shire residents were Australian citizens, compared with 85% for NSW.

The median age was 46 years

The median age is the age where half are younger and half older. It was 8 years older than NSW and 2 years older than in 2006.

Dwellings averaged 2.4 residents

Upper Lachlan Shire had an average of 2.4 residents per occupied dwelling, and 1.1 residents per bedroom. By comparison, NSW averaged 2.6 residents per dwelling and 1.1 per bedroom.

The median personal income was $492 a week

The median personal income in mid-2011 was 12% less than the NSW $561.

The median family income was $1,192 a week

This was 19% less than the NSW $1,477.

The median mortgage repayment was $1,460 a month

The median mortgage repayment in Upper Lachlan Shire in 2011 was 27% or $533 less than the NSW median.

The median rent was $140 a week

The median rent was $160 less than NSW, or 53% less.

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