Finance and Administration

Here you will find Policies relating to the Finance and Administration Division.

Contact Details

  • Andrew Croke
  • Phone: 02 48301000
  • Fax: 02 48322066


Audit Risk and Improvement Committee Charter

Bank Overdraft Policy - June 2018

Borrowing-Loans Policy - May 2013.pdf

Cash Handling Policy June 2018.pdf

Corporate Credit Card Policy - July 2018

Debt Recovery Policy November 2015.pdf

Digital Information Security Policy 2018

Disposal of Council Real Estate Policy 2017

Disposal of Council Assets Policy 2017

Electronic Security Systems Policy 2016

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy 2017

Fund Raising Activities and Street Stall Policy - 2017

Information Technology Strategic Plan 2019

Internal Control Policy and Procedures Manual - April 2013 (PDF - 350.91KB)

Internet and Email Policy - September 2018

Investment Policy 2017

Library Sponsorship Policy - 2015

Pensioner Concesson Policy

Purchasing and Acquisition of Goods and Services Policy 2017

Rates and Charges Hardship Assistance Policy September 2014.pdf (PDF) (114.88 KB)

Related Parties Disclosures Policy

Salary Sacrifice Policy

Sec 356 Financial Assistance Policy

Service Delivery Policy

Southern Tablelands Library Cooperative Membership and Access Policy September 2015

Southern Talelands Library Cooperative Collection Development Policy September 2015

Sporting Representation Donations Policy

Subsidised use of Public Halls Policy - July 2015 (PDF) (101.55 KB)

Tourism New Event Policy (PDF 24KB)

Tourism Signage Policy 2014.pdf (36.33 KB)