BASIX Requirements

Development applications, applications for complying development certificates and applications for construction certificates, for all new residential dwellings, including single dwellings, villas, townhouses and low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise developments in NSW, must be accompanied by a BASIX Certificate. 

From 1 October 2006, BASIX also applies to any major alterations and additions work that requires Council’s consent.  You will need a BASIX certificate if your project is valued at $50,000 or more.  Swimming pools (or a pool and spa) with a capacity of greater than 40,000 litres will also require a BASIX certificate as from 1 October 2006.

How do I get a BASIX Certificate? 

To get a BASIX certificate, you must complete a BASIX assessment by logging on to the BASIX website which is managed by the NSW Government’s Department of Planning.  Once you have passed the BASIX assessment, your certificate can be printed directly from the website. 

What information must I show on my plans? 

Information on a development application must match the information on the BASIX Certificate including project name and address, project type, and details of the site area, gross floor area, number of bedrooms and total area of vegetation that are identified on the BASIX Certificate. 

In addition, commitments shown on the BASIX Certificate which are fundamental to the design of the proposed development must also be shown on the Development Application, Complying Development Certificate and Construction Certificate plans.  The BASIX Certificate will tell you which commitments must be shown on these plans. There is no prescribed way to show the BASIX commitments on the plans. 

The important thing to remember is that ALL commitments must be shown on the plans as required by the BASIX Certificate. What happens after my plans are approved? 

The commitments shown on your BASIX Certificate and Development Application, Complying Development Certificate and Construction Certificate plans will be checked during the construction phase.  The building certifier cannot issue an interim or final Occupation Certificate until all BASIX commitments required to be checked by the certifier have been completed. 

If you change your mind about any of the commitments, you will need to repeat the assessment, print the new certificate and submit it to Council with an application to modify your development consent.  It is necessary to modify the consent as it references the BASIX Certificate number and the new Certificate will have a different number.  It may also be necessary to have modified plans approved if the Certificate requires different information to be shown on the plans. 

Where can I get further information?  

For more information on the BASIX program click on the following link or visit

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